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Why SunVia

SunVia offers an online collaborative platform for Business Strategy. 

Bringing together the latest collaborative technology using video, audio, interactive boards and augmented intelligence, SunVia allows startups and executive teams to experience the power of the Sunflower Method to understand their business, their markets, and their products in new ways.


Using the Sunflower® Model developed by Rob Ryan,  Co-Founder of Ascend Communications, the SunVia platform helps teams understand their core competencies and their unique value proposition, which allows them to determine the optimum strategy for taking control of their market space.


The SunVia platform is built on Microsoft Azure technologies incorporating data science, machine learning, and business intelligence tools to give teams a compressive view of their competitive ecosystem. Integrating with a dynamic framework for collaborative sessions to quickly reach a detailed understanding of a company’s core competencies and then linking this with key outcomes that can then be validated through “walkabouts” with customers allows for a repeatable, metric-driven process to make sure your products not only compete, but win in the marketplace.

Whether you are a startup tackling your first big challenges or an executive team responding to new challenges, the SunVia platform can help you gain perspective on the capabilities you have and those that you need to be successful in an environment of rapid change and opportunity. Using virtual technologies allows you to meet with your team anywhere, any time and give you a secure planning space for your business strategy. SunVia integrates with today’s latest business systems such as: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Miro, and others so that you can bring your results right to your business.



Meet The Team

Rob Ryan


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An expert in Entrepreneurial strategy and start-ups, Rob is the founder, past chairman and CEO of Ascend Communications. Ryan earned national attention when he grew his 1989 start-up company, Ascend Communications, to more than $2 billion in sales. Lucent Technologies acquired Ascend in 1999 for approximately $20 billion in what was termed at the time the "largest technology merger ever." 

During his time at Ascend, Rob

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Jay Williams

Co-Founder & President

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Jay Williams has been a chief technology officer and consultant to many of the Fortune 500. As a consultant he has developed a highly refined process for managing a company’s technology infrastructure, including applications, security, and network assets. Jay is a highly sought-after, enterprise systems architect and 

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Terry Ryan


Terry Ryan was co-founder of Ascend Communications with her husband Rob Ryan. Terry, a corporate lawyer, was critical to several startups’ success stories—including Ascend. Before co-founding Ascend, she was a co-founder and director of SoftCom in 1983, which was sold to Hayes Microcomputer in 1985. After Ascend’s success story, she mentored three other startups to $1 billion-plus exits as the Founder and President of Entrepreneur America Mentors, LLC.

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Liz Wiley

Director, Entrepreneur Relations

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Liz has been immersed in startup ecosystems for years wearing many different hats: as a startup and intellectual property attorney; as a founder of the French American Business Council in Austin, Texas; as a board member of Austin’s French startup community, French Tech Austin, and as someone who just   See More:

Andrew Olsen


Creative Development

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Andrew Olsen is seasoned in both the fields of entrepreneurial startups and multi-media marketing. Andrew serves as founder and CEO of Puppet Pals, an education toy company. Prior to his position at SunVia, Andrew was a production manager at True Media Works, a multi media marketing frim as well as serving as an associate producer for The American Dreams show--a 

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Jett Sandberg


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