About SunVia™

SunVia delivers the latest technologies and standards for tomorrow

SunVia™ is a technology company building the infrastructure for the next generation of the Internet. Just as in the earliest days of the web, new technologies such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality are changing the way we live in the digital world.

As the adoption of the Internet by billions of people has shown us over the last 25 years, we now share our physical world with our digital world. They are inseparable. And while our technology has grown dramatically to give us access to new ways to collaborate, interact, play and work, our ability to control this new world as individuals has not kept pace. We need new ways for us to take control of our Identity, to allow us to truly own our creations, and to allow for the governance and management of the worlds we live and work in without dependencies on third parties. Individuals and companies need to be able to have choices in how we create social networks and new commercial markets – and how to build our future in the Metaverse.

SunVia™ delivers the latest technologies and standards in one platform to allow world builders and creators to have access to the services they need to enable their de-centralized Worlds and Applications.

Over the next year, we will be bringing our SunVia Metaverse Infrastructure Management™ platform to life to enable our de-centralized future. Join us on the journey, contact us today to start.

SunVia Corp.
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